And the three self-help books that changed my life

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According to the NPD BookScan, the self-help book market is booming, with more books entering the market than ever before.

But with all this choice, how can you be sure you are picking the right one?

One way could be to only buy books that are newly published, or you could choose only those that have a high review ranking. You may strike lucky, or you may find yourself spending your earnings on meaningless text that brings you no closer to finding peace.

The answer, is in fact a question.

Before selecting a self-help book you must first ask:

What am I struggling with?


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Here’s a list of quick and easy life swaps anyone can incorporate into their lives. These are small changes, but picking just a few will make for a more sustainable way of life AND ease your conscious.

  1. Replace cows milk with a non-dairy alternative

Worldwide, the production of dairy products is responsible for 4% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The level of input required to create 1 litre of milk, compared to 1 litre of a milk alternative is mind boggling, with cows requiring more land and water than say oat or soya milk.

Luckily, there are now numerous alternatives…

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Ava’s alarm clock cuts into the early morning stillness, she reaches over and hits stop — there will be no snoozing — today isn’t like any other work-day, today Ava’s stomach is in knots.

Today is promotion results day.

Ava is confident; she’s had a good year, with colleagues and leaders telling her she’s already working at the next level. She’s accumulated excellent client feedback and produced some first-of-a-kind deliverables.

Surely she has nothing to fear?

As the heavily awaited call comes in, Ava breathes a sigh of relief knowing the wait is finally over. …

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I grew up on a meat and two veg diet, because surely a meal isn’t a meal unless meat is involved? From corn beef sandwiches (yes I’m an 80’s child) to roast chicken dinners every Sunday, meat was my core food group.

As an adult I continued the legacy of at least two meals a day having some form of meat involved. But after a good 30 years on this planet – I got bored.

Like many of us I had the same meals on rotation. Meal time was a chore, an essential activity where I’d read the instructions on…

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When organisations review their global workforce program, we are often asked questions such as ‘what do others do in our industry?’ ‘What policy benchmarking data do you have?’. But, are these the right questions to ask? Should the onus be placed on following ‘the norm’ when workforce talent and business strategies of organisations can be so varied.

To answer, let’s look at the good, the bad and the downright ugly of market benchmarking…

The good

  • Your organisation is sending someone abroad to work for the first time, and you don’t know where to begin! Should you be uplifting salary or…

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The impact of Coronavirus is unprecedented, never before have multiple countries across the globe gone into such a lockdown. In a matter of days people had the cultural shock of being told, and later enforced, to stay at home. Our everyday norms were stripped away resulting in work, the workforce and our workplace changing overnight, but yet how we will cope when our offices start to reopen? Will it be business as usual or will employers need to adapt?

Just a couple of days into lockdown a household will find a new routine, one that will embed over time, potentially…

Clare Kitchen

Business Consultant | Previous OU business student | Vegan(ish) | Dabbles in a bit of writing

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